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Waiting for Sparky


It’s quite possible that tonight is the most excited the kids have been. Tomorrow, they are expecting their shelf elf to appear. There is no doubt in their minds, as evidenced by the gifts they set up for him. The little knit thing on the right is a blanket the boy made for Sparky, while the lass made a pillow and took the time to wrap it up.

The boy wrote a quick letter explaining his gift:

Given the boy’s recent obvious doubt regarding the reality of Santa, I find this to be baffling. If you’re doubting things, you don’t go and make gifts for the thing you’re doubting. Therefore, I conclude that he has no doubts about the reality of Sparky the Shelf Elf. How he can harbor doubts about one while not the other means his logical processing unit is not completely online yet. That or his ability to extrapolate.

Be that as it may, they are ready for the yearly visit. Will he arrive as expected? Or will he delay to cause mischief? Will he like his gifts? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

The Lass’ Christmas List


I posted the boy’s Christmas list a few days ago. Now the lass has finished hers:

Dear Santa,

Can I have please A Heartbreaker Bow, a Giant Stuffed cat that look like our cat D.C., Ipod, clay, potery-weel, Easel with paper, Star Theater in my room, Lite Brix, furby Boom, Pogeo stik, Tranpalyn, Target, Bow and airoes,

She finished it with a little picture of Santa at the bottom.

Oh, and Furby Boom.

The Boy’s Christmas List


Back during the Summer, the boy briefly flirted with the notion that it’s all a ruse and there is no Santa or Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny giving everyone gifts. He even fingered the most likely culprit for all those hijinks: Mom and Dad.

As the old saying goes, “there are no atheists in a fox hole.” Similarly, when its this close to Christmas, there are no doubts about the gravy train that is Santa Claus. The boy has already penned his letter (all grammar and syntax preserved, of course):

Dear Santa,

Can I have my own laptop please. These are the things I would like for christmas: An XBox360 because there are almost no Wii games, boy nerf bow, a python computer programming manual, Air Hogs Atmosphere, build your own plasma edge r-c car, Harry Potter wand, 70mm Refractor Telescope, Digital Medal detector, ultra student microscope, lite Brix, “Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief” movie, “Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters” movie, zoomer.

Merry Christmas, the boy

He seems to be leaning heavy on the electronic gizmos this year. I had no idea what a “zoomer” was until I looked it up. It’s in keeping with the electronic wishes anyway.

A Merry Christmas Day


Christmas day was a pleasant affair this year. Not that that’s unusual, but it just stuck me this year more than other years. Though, it didn’t start that way.

Our adventure started the night before, at bedtime on Christmas Eve. They were excited and we’d already opened presents to from one another and to one another. All that was left to wait on the Big Guy. The lass had no trouble drifting off like it was any other night.

The boy was an altogether different story.

His excitement was such that he couldn’t fall asleep like he normally does. Once out of that comfort zone, he started to worry. And once he started worrying, well, he couldn’t stop. It was around 9:30 or so that I noticed he was quietly weeping in his bed. When I asked him what was wrong, he simply whimpered that he couldn’t fall asleep.

When he get likes that, it really becomes a matter for the Wife to deal with. I don’t have much time for weeping over these sort of things and I was likely to not be all that understanding. Getting harsh with him on Christmas Eve didn’t seem like a sporting thing to do, so I went downstairs and apprised the Wife of the situation. She went up to try and help him out.

When she came down, she dropped the bad news: he was worried that because he couldn’t fall asleep Santa wouldn’t come because Santa can’t come until after they’ve fallen asleep. So he was going to ruin Christmas. It was a vicious circle because the longer he went without sleeping, the more upset he got because he became more convinced he wouldn’t fall asleep. Rinse. Repeat. Weep.

Time ticked away. The boy remained awake. The Wife and I both assumed he would eventually collapse from shear exhaustion. But the longer it took, the more it seemed like it would take. We knew it would be an early morning; thus, neither of us had planned on a late night. But it was getting late. As the night wore on, we were both extra vigilant for the sound of footsteps, since the boy particularly will on occasion just pop downstairs when he’s having trouble sleeping. He’d already called down from the top of the stairs earlier to inform us he couldn’t sleep. All we needed was for him to waltz down the steps already upset.

Finally, around 11:15, I turned off our Pandora. We’d had it playing all day and allowed it to continue after we’d put the kids to bed because we wanted some sound cover for our setup activities downstairs. We heard the boy get up and go to the bathroom and then go back to bed. We waited longer and finally decided enough was enough. We both finally headed to bed around 11:45. There was no noise coming from his room, so we assumed he was safely asleep.

I was up briefly at 4 to deal with the fire. I was as discreet as possible, since I didn’t want the kids coming down; my plan was to get some wood on the fire and go back to bed. It worked.

We first heard them head down around 5. The Wife said both of them poked their heads in our room shortly thereafter. We’d told them both not to wake us and not to open any presents until we were all downstairs. The Wife and I both tried to get some more sleep, but they were both loud enough to make getting back to sleep impossible. The Wife gave in first. I followed a short time after around 6AM.

The present opening festivities were well done this year. In past years, it’s been an explosion of paper and gifts, with extended cleanup efforts afterwards. This year, they set about their business like seasoned veterans- they’d done it before and wanted to prolong the experience. They took turns opening gifts, working together to pull things our from under the tree. They were civil, they were excited. It was fun actually. The Wife and I downed a couple of cups of coffee while they did their thing.

The remainder of the day was spent with them exploring their various gifts. The Wife’s parents arrived around 11 and her Aunt arrived in the early evening. Despite his late night and early rise, the boy made it through the entire day without a nap. That was more than could be said for his Grandparents. And me. The lass also managed to negotiate the entire day without any naps. We watched a few movies and had an early dinner. The guests headed out shortly after the kids went to bed.

When the dust settled, the Wife and I sat down and enjoyed a quiet rest-of-the-evening. The boy had no trouble falling asleep Christmas night. Christmas had come and gone, nothing to worry about anymore. We had no trouble falling asleep either. A Merry Christmas for all.

Hope yours was a Merry Christmas as well.

A Close Call


I went out to the car this morning with the boy in toe. The lass was lagging behind a bit, as is her wont. I opted for the smaller car, which is my wont for the trek into school in the mornings with the kids. It’s patched up from the fender bender of a week ago, though it still bears the scratches from where I hit the guard rail.

I eased down into the seat because plopping won’t work for me. Really, the car is too small for me, but it gets good gas mileage so I make it work. Friends who have seen me drive it laugh because typically, I become invisible in the car. I have to tilt the seat back with the result that my head is obscured by the middle upright between the front and rear doors. Thus, it looks like the car is driving itself.

When I finished settling in, the boy was already in beside me and the lass was finally on her way. I stuck the key in the ignition and fired her up.

I always drive with the radio on. Lately, the kids have been disappointed that I don’t listen to Christmas music on the radio. The Wife has a Pandora station that she plays almost every day in the house, so I don’t exactly miss it for the 15 minutes I’m in the car in the mornings. Also, there’s a Boston radio station I enjoy listening to.


This morning, the first thing that comes over the radio is one of the on-air personalities bleating out an excessively sarcastic “Wait a minute, you mean there really isn’t a Santa Claus?”

At which point I calmly, but quickly, punched the button to turn off the radio. The boy was futzing with his seat belt at that moment and the lass was just arriving at the car. Clearly, of the two, the boy was the one to be concerned with. Although, I was also concerned they might ask why I didn’t have the radio on since I always drive with the radio on.

If he did hear the line, the boy gave no indication whatsoever. Further, neither he nor his sister asked why I didn’t have the radio on. To avoid drawing their attention to it’s silence, I left it off for the entirety of the ride in, the whole 5 minutes worth. Plus, at that point, who knows what else they were going to blurt out.

All in all, my assumption is the boy didn’t hear the line. He’s not the sort who would have let that pass without asking a question like “Why did he say that?” or “What did he mean…?” I’m certain the lass didn’t hear anything, she wasn’t close enough at the time.

The Wife was rolling her eyes and shaking her head after I related the incident to her. She thinks that the boy is going to start figuring it out; he has at least 1 friend who already knows its a hoax, but I’m guessing his parents have explained that he’s not to say anything. I’m not so sure he’s ready to piece it together though. He wants to believe, and he isn’t asking any of the sorts of questions that indicate to me he’s thinking more critically about it.

Fortunately, this morning’s near miss hasn’t changed that.

Our Mischievous Elf


Here’s our mischievous shelf elf:

Last week, he dipped into the Wife’s batch of chocolate chip cookies. He’s got a real sweet tooth this year. Much to the kid’s delight.

Peanut Butter Diving


This is how the kids found our shelf elf this morning. It provided quite a bit of bemusement on their part.

Also, the peanut butter jar was empty. I don’t think Santa would approve of one of this elves displaying such an astonishing level of gluttony. We gave it to the dogs to lick clean yesterday, but there’s always that little bit at the bottom they can’t get. Apparently, Sparky got a peanut butter craving and just had to get at that last bit on the bottom.

We almost had a minor catastrophe. The dogs decided to investigate the elf a bit. That or they didn’t like him getting the last bit of peanut butter. So the jar was knocked over and Sparky unceremoniously dumped to the side. Hoping she hadn’t noticed I sent the lass upstairs to make her bed while I quickly fixed the situation. Unfortunately, she had noticed; but, she didn’t think too much of it I guess.

From the Desk of Santa Claus


Dear Boy and Lass-

I just wanted to send you a short letter to let you know that Sparky is getting very excited to see you again. All the Scout elves are trying to get lots of rest because they will soon be making nightly flights back to the North Pole.

I have received your Christmas Wish List letters. My elves have built a lot of great toys this year. I bet we may have something you would really like. Be good … and keep sharing with each other and listening to your Mommy and Daddy. Doing chores around the house would be a big help to them too.

Sparky will be visiting you very soon!

Love, Santa

This letter was waiting in our Christmas tree this morning. Full letterhead and everything on a golden, sort-of-sparkly paper. Sure looks official to me.

A Letter to Santa


Dear Santa Clause,
I have been good this year. I would like Space angry bird kit, Microscope, the lord of the rings lego set, apples to apples, BaBlade Ball Stadium and new launcher, terrain, trampolien, ipod touch, bow and arrow, ipod portable speakers app gear games, Galaxy tab 2, Super mario Bros. 2 DS, Mario Kart 7 DS, Angry bird DS

Happy cristmas,
the boy

They’re just ideas I would like.

One thing I hate about the way they teach the kids writing is they don’t have them worry about spelling. The idea is to just get them to write something without getting all stopped up because they can’t spell a word. It’s a nice sentiment, but functionally the kids pump out a blob of letters that loosely resemble words and sentences and then get upset when it’s pointed out that every other word is spelled incorrectly. They aren’t interested in fixing it, they’re interested in moving on to the next thing.

The writing rant aside, I like his ending. He must have decided it seemed a bit daunting to pull all of that together, so he let’s Santa off the hook by telling him it’s all just a suggestion. Santa appreciates the sentiment, I’m sure.

Sparky Rides Again!


His triumphant return was marked with song and dance and drink and merriment through out the land.


Who am I kidding? It was marked with immediate requests for this, that and the other thing. Including asking him to sit in certain places.

The kids clearly missed the little guy.

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