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uzbl and dmenu


I’ve been playing around with uzbl again and decided it was high time I tried out dmenu. What I’d read made it sound pretty slick, I was just leery of having to learn how to work with another application. Thankfully, dmenu is extremely easy to use. It isn’t available as a deb package, but the source is readily available. I built it with the vertical patch.

As practice I figured I’d rewrite one of the stock uzbl scripts as a python script. I chose the script since it was pretty easy for me to decipher. That’s not sayin’ much since my bash scripting foo is, well- ‘miserable’ is probably the right word.

The exercise proved valuable for a couple of reasons.


Not-So Awesome Update


Awesome 3.4 is available now so I decided to go through the update process once again. Aside from the change from the 2.3 version to the 3.x version (you know, where the config file became a program) this was the worst experience of the bunch. Actually, thinking about it- this upgrade was really the worst hands down. At least changing to the 3.x branch came with the excuse of having to learn a programming language.


Awesome and uzbl


I spent a little time and finally came up with a fairly simple start to integrating Awesome with uzbl. I created a file called favorites and put it in a suitably obscure location. The file format is simply 2 double-quoted fields per line. The first field is a site name, the second is the url. The fields are space separated. For example:

"Mutt"    ""

Lua pattern matching is fairly restrictive, so this was the simplest way to get a lot of possibilities for the name and the url fields.


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