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Our Mischievous Elf


Here’s our mischievous shelf elf:

Last week, he dipped into the Wife’s batch of chocolate chip cookies. He’s got a real sweet tooth this year. Much to the kid’s delight.

Peanut Butter Diving


This is how the kids found our shelf elf this morning. It provided quite a bit of bemusement on their part.

Also, the peanut butter jar was empty. I don’t think Santa would approve of one of this elves displaying such an astonishing level of gluttony. We gave it to the dogs to lick clean yesterday, but there’s always that little bit at the bottom they can’t get. Apparently, Sparky got a peanut butter craving and just had to get at that last bit on the bottom.

We almost had a minor catastrophe. The dogs decided to investigate the elf a bit. That or they didn’t like him getting the last bit of peanut butter. So the jar was knocked over and Sparky unceremoniously dumped to the side. Hoping she hadn’t noticed I sent the lass upstairs to make her bed while I quickly fixed the situation. Unfortunately, she had noticed; but, she didn’t think too much of it I guess.

Sparky Returns


Not the most creative debut spot for the season, but certainly a festive one. The candy cane is a new wrinkle.

The kids are already spilling their guts to him.

Waiting on Sparky


How far into the rabbit hole are the kids about Christmas?

This far: they spent the afternoon making “Welcome” cards for our Shelf Elf, Sparky.

Yes, you read the correctly. They spent the afternoon making cards for Sparky the Shelf Elf.

They also may have surpassed the Wife in Christmas enthusiasm as well, since they’ve bugged her non-stop for the past week or about getting the Christmas decorations out. She ended up breaking out the majority of them today, but he Christmas tree won’t be coming out until after Thanksgiving.

The boy wanted to turn on our Pandora Christmas station, but I forbid him from doing so until after Thanksgiving. That’s one of my pet peeves- Christmas season shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I’m probably the only one.

Well, not the only one. I know Sparky won’t show up until after Thanksgiving.

Sparky’s Last Ride


The shelf elf’s final observation post for the year. After today, he’ll “mysteriously” disappear until next December.

Sparky Rides Again!


His triumphant return was marked with song and dance and drink and merriment through out the land.


Who am I kidding? It was marked with immediate requests for this, that and the other thing. Including asking him to sit in certain places.

The kids clearly missed the little guy.

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