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Not Totally Unscathed


We didn’t lose power again overnight. At one point, though, I could have sworn I heard a tree go down fairly close to us. I went out and had a look around, but didn’t see anything immediately around the house, so I let it be. Shortly after the power came back on, the storm seemed to start winding down, with a noticeable drop off in the wind.

Fast forward to this morning and the kids are watching Thor, the movie they started last night before the power loss so rudely interrupted them. The door bell rings and it’s some fella driving around helping people out with downed trees.

Turns out, we had this sitting across our driveway:

In the end, pretty mild stuff really though an inconvenience to be sure. Especially when compared to what happened in New York.

Checking In


We’re still here. We even have power, for the moment.

So far, Sandy has been more or less as advertised. The winds are noticeably stronger now with some serious gusts as well, probably consistent in th 30mph range with gusts above 40. The rain started falling early in the afternoon, but it hasn’t been torrential. Just a steady, wind-driven rain that’s a bit cold.

A friend came over and I helped him take that tree down that the beaver had attacked. We were both drenched by the end of the operation because we ended up out there right when the rain started to come in steady. It was actually pretty cool. He anchored it with a come-along and a chain to another tree to help guide it’s fall, then he cut a wedge out on the side we wanted it to fall. Finally, he cut straight into it from the other side and then we hammered wedges into the cut to push it over. It fell right where we wanted it.

The diciest moment came after he cut the wedge. The wind really kicked in at that point and we just kept our fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be enough to start the tree going in a direction we didn’t want. Fortunately, it held.

Now I’ve got more firewood.

So at this point, we’re within an hour or so of Sandy making landfall in Southern New Jersey. If we can make it through the next several hours, then there’s a decent chance we make it without power loss. We know there are a lot of people around without power at this point- the Wife’s parents lost power in RI and we have friends closer to RI that have already lost power. We’ve also heard of other people in town here who have already lost power.

The kids are managing OK for the moment. The lass was complaining about an upset stomach, which we’re thinking might be more nerve related than anything.

Power starting to flicker. Time to go.

Waiting on Sandy


Well, we’ve done what we can to prepare for the storm. With the exception of taking that tree down that the beaver took to. Hopefully, he’s hunkered down and won’t be back to finish the job.

It’s kind of a strange situation to be in. As I write this, Sandy has not yet started her Westward turn towards the coast, specifically New Jersey according to every model out there. The news channels cut into the programming every half-hour or so to update on the situation and also serve notice of other news worthy emergency items. At this point, Connecticut is getting set to all but shut down tomorrow in anticipation of what’s to come.

I’m sitting here watching the Sunday night game between the Saints and the Broncos (it’s 14-7, FWIW). I have no idea how much the situation will degrade overnight. It’s a craps shoot whether we’ve got power I suppose. I’m hoping for a cup of coffee in the morning at least, maybe even a couple of eggs.

It’s kind of a weird situation to be in. We’re basically all hunkered down, expecting a mess tomorrow. I’ll admit to still having some lingering doubts about this forecast- it just seems like there are too many moving parts for the weather guys to be so sure. The irony is, it would be better if they were wrong, in some ways because it means a lot of lives won’t be affected. But then that would affect they’re credibility, because they went big and were wrong. On the other hand, if they’re right, a lot of people will be affected, but their credibility will be enhanced.

It’s just drizzling outside for now, with some occasional gusts probably in the 20’s. All of our deck furniture is tucked away and the yard stuff cleaned up. We don’t normally have the cars in our garage, but we made room and both have been parked inside. We’ve caught up on all the laundry, filled water bottles and thermos and bathtubs (for flushing toilets). We don’t have a generator, so we moved some items from our fridge freezer into our deep freezer in the event of an extended power outage.

So for now, it’s just the waiting game. The kids are asleep right now, but the boy is nervous so we may have a midnight visitor if things get noisy overnight. I’ll be blogging if I can tomorrow, but no guarantees.

Sandy is supposed to run her course by Wednesday. Hopefully, we’ll be back well before then.

Torqued Up About Sandy


Sandy is all the rage at the moment. Watching some radar shots, she has really basically arrived as of today, as most of the cloud cover we saw here is from her outer bands. Today wasn’t a bad day either- the clouds kept the temps down and the breeze kept things otherwise comfortable.

The lass first heard about Sandy at her dance class a couple of days ago. She’s been concerned about it ever since.

The boy also first heard about it on Thursday. He has also been worried about it ever since.

Tonight was the worst they’ve been, because the news was on at the restaurant we had dinner at and they kept showing various radar picture of Sandy. We couldn’t really hear what the talking heads were saying, for which I’m thankful.

The ask a lot of questions like “When will it get here?” and “How big will it be?” and “Will there be a lot of rain?” We do our best to answer those, but them they try to pump more detail out of us. The questions start to drill down, “Will the wind knock down trees?” and “Will there be water in the basement?” and “What we have school?” and “Will it be worse than last year’s storm?” They also start to imagine possibilities, and ask “What if …?” questions.

I know, it’s only natural. It’s how they deal with the stress and anxiety of the situation. Kids are like little anxiety antennas: if there’s anything to get them going, they’ll pick it up and tune into it big time.

After a certain point, the Wife and I both get tired of these questions because there’s a simple reality: there’s nothing they can do. Or stated another way: it’s all on the Wife and I. For whatever happens, it’s the Wife and I that will have to deal with the problems. Be it water in bad places knocked down trees. Even the prep work is on us because the kids don’t know what should or shouldn’t be done. After all, how many emergencies have they had to handle in their little lives?

We enlist their help where appropriate. They did some grocery shopping this morning and they helped clean up a bit outside today and we’ll do more of that tomorrow. Mainly, though, the Wife and I are trying to keep them on an even keel. Th worst thing to do is panic, and that’s where they’d go if left to their own devices. So it becomes a game of settle down, stop imagining the worst that can happen and just take it one step at a time.

The storm will get here when it gets here. The rain will fall and the wind will blow. Everything else that happens will happen. That makes it sound pretty matter-of-fact and boring. Which is good because boring is not something that kids get too excited about, as opposed to “Bride of Frankenstorm” and whatever else they’re calling it.

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