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First Bloom


Early this year. Neither of my other two are anywhere near blooming. Sadly, my Yellow Desert Rose kicked the bucket in the early Spring so I’m down one from last year. Good to see this one is going strong.

More Desert Rose Blogging


This is supposed to be a Yellow Desert Rose, although it looks pretty white to me. The bloom is different from my other obesums as well. It has many more petals that overlap to form a much fuller looking bloom.

The plant itself is tiny. The bloom looks kind of funny, like it could tip it over.

Finally, my longest lived obesum. I thought the bloom had peaked about a week ago. I was wrong.

Red Adenium Obesum



Taken with the Wife’s Panasonic DMC-LX5.

Adenium Obesum Uranus


My largest desert rose has hit its peak bloom for the Summer:


More pics after the jump.


Black Orchid Adenium Obesum


Here’s some pics of my third adenium obesum. It’s a “black orchid” hybrid.

First Blooms


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