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An Awesome Mail Widget


The name really does lend itself to abuse. Regardless, I leveraged some previous lua code to create a nice little email widget that checks my email account for new mail and, if so, creates a menu of the mailboxes which have new mail that I can select and launches mutt with that folder open.

Code and explanation after the jump.


More uzbl


I’ve managed to get uzbl and awesome to talk with one another. Without using awesome-client and uzblctrl or socat. It turned out, upon further examination, that awesome-client is just a bash script for communicating on dbus and uzblctrl is just a simple c program for communicating over a socket.

These findings suggested that if I could get Lua to talk over a socket and if I could come up with a python script to talk over dbus, I would have a more flexible means for getting uzbl and awesome to talk with one another. Luckily for me, python has a dbus module and lua has luasockets.


Awesome and uzbl


I spent a little time and finally came up with a fairly simple start to integrating Awesome with uzbl. I created a file called favorites and put it in a suitably obscure location. The file format is simply 2 double-quoted fields per line. The first field is a site name, the second is the url. The fields are space separated. For example:

"Mutt"    ""

Lua pattern matching is fairly restrictive, so this was the simplest way to get a lot of possibilities for the name and the url fields.


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