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Down and Dirty Mail Notification


Following is a simple new mail notification implementation for the awesome window manager that leverages procmail. It’s main virtue is simplicity: there are about 20 lines of python code, 1 procmail recipe and several lines of code required in the rc file for awesome. The result is a numeric count of new email displayed in the statusbar.


Going Backwards


The current window manager I’m using, awesome, is a fork off another window manager named dwm- dynamic window manager. It’s supposed to be smaller and faster than most WM’s. I felt like awesome was becoming sluggish with some of the recent changes. Most noticably on my EEE.

So, I’ve decided to go backwards a second time and try dwm on my EEE for a bit. So far, the most interesting exercise was converting the mercurial repository to a git repository. Fortunately, there’s hg-fast-export which was easy enough to get and use. I didn’t want to get cluttered up learning another DVCS, this saved me from having to do that.

My dwm impressions later.

Awesome 3.4


Given my last post related to upgrading awesome to the 3.4 version, I figure it’s only fair to give credit where it’s due. I subscribed to the user mailing list hoping for some help. I got it.

Quick … kudos to the mailing list guys.

The documentation is, unfortunately, lacking in this area. However, when creating a progressbar widget, which is all the my battery indicator is, the widget itself has a default layout of leftright. This setting is not overridden by the wibox setting it is placed in. To change it, specify a “layout” arg when creating the progressbar widget. Like so:

pb = awful.widget.progressbar({ layout = awful.widget.layout.horizontal.rightleft, … })

Now the widget is located where I want it in the wibox.

Also, when trying to attach mouse buttons to the progressbar widet, you have to access the buttons method through the widget as follows:


So there you have it. Thanks to the mailing list for helping me out with this stuff.

Not-So Awesome Update


Awesome 3.4 is available now so I decided to go through the update process once again. Aside from the change from the 2.3 version to the 3.x version (you know, where the config file became a program) this was the worst experience of the bunch. Actually, thinking about it- this upgrade was really the worst hands down. At least changing to the 3.x branch came with the excuse of having to learn a programming language.


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