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This is Awesome


In general, I think bad stuff associated with the NFL gets a lot of press, whereas genuinely good things get lost in the shuffle.

Courtesy of ProFootballTalk, here is a great story involving the Saints and a molecular biologist from Tulane.

More stuff like this please.

Joining the Teeming Clans


The boy and his friends have become invested in Clash of Clans.  I won’t say it’s the latest mobile game to take the world by storm, but it’s definitely popular.

I’d avoided it myself for my usual reasons- I can’t play video games casually.  It’s basically an addiction thing for me.

I blame the father at karate a couple nights ago.  When it was seemed it was just the kids, I was able to shrug it off.  But seeing him playing it and talking with him about it made it too tempting for me to resist.

The boy was excited to see me playing, for his part.  He’s been full of advice and suggestions ever since.  The only thing that stopped him was going to school.

I’m tempted to say nothing good can come of this.  But we shall see.  Having something silly in common with your kids isn’t a bad thing to have.

Pool Is Open



Well, sort of.

I took the winter cover off a while ago, but hadn’t been in a hurry to fill the pool since the weather was still cool.  Now that Spring and even some Summer weather seems to have arrived, I’ve been slowly filling it an inch or so a day for the past week, out of respect for our well.  A bonus heavy rain last night put us over the top for today.

The water had also started clouding up, a sure sign that the temperature had reached the point where algae growth was possible.  So I got the filter running today and shocked with liquid chlorine.  I’ll be hitting it again tonight with another round of chlorine and then take the water for a test tomorrow.

The kids wanted to get in there today.  I told them as soon as the water was clean, they had the go ahead to go in regardless of temperature.  They’ll probably be in by the end of the week.

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